When Creation Consumes 2017

When Creation Consumes

When Creation Consumes 2017
When Creation Consumes 2017

You might be surprised when creation consumes!

Creating is in human nature. We created society, boundaries, structures, government and most importantly to me, art. Some of this is tangible. Skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels and forms of transportation are the most functional of the physical examples. There’s also intangibles that we have created. Things that further our knowledge like the creation of subjects and classes in school. Some that take society back a step or two like racism, intolerance and bigotry.These things were all created, they came from somewhere. They came from a passion, a feeling. A need had to be met for one or many. These are times when creation consumes.

The traffic was too heavy, so more roads were created. That’s infrastructure. I want to get that food for these shoes, but you don’t want shoes so I need a monetary equivalent. That’s currency in a capitalist society. The people want something to stimulate their emotions/knowledge in a form that surpasses what they have experienced previously. That’s a goal of the entertainment industry. Big changes come about when creation consumes.

We can all be creative whenever we want

I spent a lot of time in university thinking “this painting is amazing, I could do something like this!”. The phrase would change over and over from painting to video game to anything that contained two-dimensional art. But the ambition just wasn’t there to actually DO something about it. I COULD do something like that if I got off my behind and started. What I’m finding in creating these blog posts that might HELP people is a purpose. There’s a passion behind some of the work and that passion pushes me along.

Trouble is, for some people there has to be some sort of shift in thinking for the creation spark to ignite them. There’s no quantitative amount of spending to get you tired of consuming. Spending time, money or any other resource. To activate the switch, consuming has to become secondary. Big changes come about when creation consumes.

If it’s thru necessity or active thought, it doesn’t matter, but that is part of the change. Or at least that was part of it for me. I get bored playing other peoples games, consuming other people’s content. It’s time to make my own. To create on my own and while doing so, document my procedures to help others.

This isn’t to say that creative mode is constant. I’m still working on being in creative mode more often. Even while creating this post, I haven’t stayed in this mode. The creative ‘switch’, once found, is a battle to keep ‘on’. Life gets in the way. Responsibilities that all of us face push us away from the switch. Reaching the switch is a daily struggle, but if used more frequently, the tendency to reach for it will be often.

Methods for keeping the switch ON!

If all of the tools you use for creating are readily available and accessible, the tools used are properly prepared and time is set aside for the activity of creating, you will create more. This is why simplifying the creative process especially the beginning is so essential. An example for me is the blog writing process. While it might be counter-intuitive to physically write a blog post first before typing it, this is sometimes the easiest way to BEGIN. I can easily find paper and a pen to start writing. I’m not always at my computer.

I can type quickly, but I can type faster in a transcription sort of sense. If everything is already written, I can blast out many words quickly. This reduction to the bare essentials can be translated to many forms of creativity. Drawing can simply be paper and a pencil rather than a graphics tablet and Photoshop.

Putting fabric directly on the dress form can be simply making a sketch of the dress. Starting small like this can lend itself to easy revisions along the way rather than destructive errors. If I started a concept drawing in ink, that would be counter-intuitive. If I started welding metal together for a car’s exterior, the frame might not match.

Locked in on a method

Once you have that solid method for creating, write it down. If life takes you away from the switch for a few months, getting back in the saddle might be difficult. Especially to get back in the saddle and be optimized for productivity. When creation consumes, it doesn’t have to be this serious, however when you lack productivity in your creativity it can be disappointing.

This might make you stray from the switch. Especially if you’ve been more productive in the past. As an example, at the height of my abilities in university I was able to crank out an illustration in a few hours. Now, lacking the abilities and not being as efficient, I’m needing more time for the same tasks. It’s disheartening. It’s depressing. I want to cry, HA!

Having a consistent method is helpful in saving time and resources. Documenting your method can save much time for future projects. That’s where this blogging creation comes in quite handy. If I document my procedure here in the blog, I can reference it later.

Help others with their process

Whether you’ve found the switch or not, if you’re documenting your method or only just found a method, let me know your progress in the comments below. Don’t be shy! Your method could help someone unlike my information can.

Have a good one, thanks for reading.

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