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Ganbatte Con 2017

My Ganbatte Con 2017 experience: lit.

Another convention completed as well as another panel held! Both in the bag, cinched, shelved. Now what did I learn from Ganbatte Con 2017!?

I’m surrounding myself with awesome artists!

Arty McFly Ganbatte Con 2017
Arty McFly Ganbatte Con 2017

First, this year my wife and I had the pleasure of housing Arty McFly. She’s a traditional contour alternative artist out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She’s very talented and I don’t want to downplay her capabilities with simply explaining the type of artist she is with title alone. I assure you it doesn’t do her justice. So, I’ll link to my blog specifically about what I learned from her here when that is completed along with links to her various pages to view her work. Here are her FB, her Twitter, her instagram, her blog, and her Tumblr.




Karissa Ganbatte Con 2017
Karissa Ganbatte Con 2017

Next I shared a booth with the artistically adept Karissa (insert last name here, but maybe not if she doesn’t want me to (I don’t think she wants me to so I’ll leave it alone)). She is a caricature artist out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her on-the-fly, colorful work was able to wrangle a few more customers to our booth. While there is a finality to traditional, physical caricature drawings, the benefit of digital is the expansion of portfolio. Karissa was even willing to blast out some buttons while we were away from the booth. I want to share more of her work as well as make a blog regarding what I learned from her. Expect that soon. Links to her work are here: her FB, and her DeviantArt where we collaborate from time to time.




Ashley Benz Cosplay Ganbatte Con 2017
Ashley Benz Cosplay Ganbatte Con 2017

Next, my brilliant wife helped to work our booth while I was away during my panel. As well she donned her award-winning cosplay of Gogo (Final Fantasy 6) on the second day of Ganbatte Con 2017. Her sewing skills, fabric and fabrication knowledge never cease to amaze me. While Ashley doesn’t have much purposeful online presence, she wants to begin helping people with their sewing questions. Expect a blog post to a grand opening of a site full of her knowledge on her passion: cosplay fabrication and creation.




I paneled good!

Lastly I held a  panel on How People Consume Your Work. It went over great and I want to bring that info to the masses. I’ll be recording a facsimile of the panel soon and posting it here. Also I met such great folks through the opportunity! As time progresses with new acquaintances, I will bring what I learn from them to this blog as well.

Shame them for not attending! Ganbatte Con 2017
Shame them for not attending! Ganbatte Con 2017

The event was fun and those involved were awesome allowing me a bit of impromptu speech time during the closing ceremonies. Local events like these must be supported, otherwise they cannot continue. It’s on the attendee’s shoulders to get the word out about how great of a time they had. Tell everyone they missed out on not attending! Shame them even!

If you’ve ever gone to some conference or event and walked away with a new acquaintance who became a business partner or friend, I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below! These types of events pull together like-minded people and the synergistic relationships that form can be lifelong.

Eric Benz is a graphic artist and production guru living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He frequents conventions in Canada to hold panels about art and production, networking with motivated artists focused on honing and promoting their craft. Find contact info below to become part of his artist mastermind group.

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  1. Networking is the name of the game! Keep looking for those who inspire you and do good work, you are after all the average of the people you surround yourself with!

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