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Focus Career

I am going to talk about Focus Career or how to take your side hustle or standard job to a new level.

There are many personality types and I certainly don’t know them all.

I always thought that self employed people where those who didn’t “fit in”. Maybe it’s scheduling, character or some other factor, but I typically saw self-employed people as an indication they are difficult to get along with.

I even had some solid examples in a couple of jobs at “mom and pop shops”. These are run by a couple. One business-minded, dominant the other submissive only fitting in where needed. Two really sad examples, however excellent for me to have experience to know what NOT TO DO in business.

Both work places were all over the place and I was heavily influenced by them. The dominant of the two at each location determining the business plan: DO ALL THE THINGS.

Focus Career 2017 Do All The Things
Focus Career 2017 Do All The Things

And I found out success in your career doesn’t work that way. You cannot stretch yourself in several directions and thrive. What you get if you do that is complete lack of expertise and simply general knowledge in all of those aspects.

So, what can be done to get good?

Focus Career 2017 Git Gud
Focus Career 2017 Git Gud


First, realize your limitations. Bare minimum realize your limits that are equal to everyone else. One of those is time.

hr/wk: 24×7=168 – sleep: 8×7=56 – work: 8×5=40 = YOUR time: 72hr/wk

So, how are you going to spend them?


Second, drop extraneous stuff that isn’t as lucrative. If you own a photography business and you have always done weddings and children’s portraits, but your community hasn’t had the need for children’s portraits for a year, it’s time to focus weddings hard. Let the extraneous work go. When you focus up like this your work will improve from lack of distractions. If more wedding shoots, then kid photos will be around the corner anyway.


Third, voraciously consume content relating to your focus. If you are focused up on one service, be surrounded by it. Know the trends in the filed and not just in your country! Seek what professionals in your industry are doing around the world. See examples, practice new things in that focus and you can become a leader in the industry yourself!


Fourth, surround yourself with those in your industry. If you’re in a rural or otherwise remote location, use the internet. Participate in forums on the subject. Comment on posts in the same field. Be willing to have conflicts and critiques from like-minded professionals. You will grow so much from just keeping the jargon and vernacular fresh let alone the professional networking.

Focus Career 2017 Surround Yourself


Lastly I wanted to talk about teaching. Some say “those who can’t, teach”. However, the master must know the subject intrinsically to properly give it to the student. If the student can do it, the master is successful. Bottom line is you have knowledge that others don’t, and people want to know it. Most importantly, you can help someone become successful, it speaks volumes of your knowledge. Also the feeling of fulfillment seeing their growth is indescribable.

If you focus up with these five tips, you will excel in your field. Professionals know these five things can make them great. So, what are you waiting for?

Eric Benz is a graphic artist and production guru living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He frequents conventions in Canada to hold panels about art and production, networking with motivated artists focused on honing and promoting their craft. Find contact info below to become part of his artist mastermind group.

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4 thoughts on “Focus Career”

  1. You are the average of the people you that you spend your time with, make sure to pick good people to help you get where you want to be.

  2. Very informative post. I like your part about encouraging us to surround ourselves with people in our industry, something I am working more at as a photographer!

  3. As a sole proprietor I work by myself which can get very lonely at times. Thanks for the reminder of staying in touch with others in my career on the internet, forums and blogs!

  4. Ha. I’m currently self-employed and used to be a teacher. Odd duck for sure! Great reminders for us non-traditional workers. And I couldn’t agree more with your teaching comment . . . to teach something means you have to truly understand it.

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