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What does it mean? Destiny and Fate

Destiny and Fate

Alright, so, destiny or fate is the concept that there is a master plan in place for your life and you have little to no say in what happens to you. Some believe portions of your life are fated, but not all. Perhaps when it is convenient.

I understand the appeal. It’s essentially a mental get-out-of-jail-free card for your conscience that no matter what you do (good or bad), it was going to happen. You are not at fault. You are not to blame. Anything positive or negative in your life happened for a reason.

You can likely sense my bias against this idea. No control? No choice? I sure hope not! I want choice and control in my life!

Destiny Examples

Get rejected by an employer? Must be that you weren’t meant to work there.

Get broken up with? Your next relationship will be with your soulmate.

Car breaks down while heading to an important business meeting? With your replacement client, you can build a more lucrative relationship.


Instead of spending 5 hours a day playing Candy Crush, Farmville and Angry Birds throughout the last 10 years, you could have educated yourself in your field. Rather than taking your significant other for granted you could have focused on them and respected them. Instead of neglecting preventative repair work to your vehicle, maybe you could have shopped for an oil change and break pads (this is mostly me telling myself to fix my car, I seriously hadn’t put coolant in it for way too long and just realized it yesterday).

Escape the Fate

Maybe it’s just me, but fate seems to be a crutch for people to lean on. Those who refer to destiny and fate often, are the type of people unwilling to take control of their lives. (Fiery, I know, so watch me backpedal) Not to say people aren’t dealt bad hands. Freak accidents not withstanding, there’s almost always a cause and effect. If tragedy is the effect then sure, things were out of control and the cause lies with those responsible. However, don’t unnecessarily victimize yourself! It can make you vulnerable and put your mood into a severe tailspin.

A General Warning …

Con artists understand the impact of fate and destiny on a consumer. People like tarot, palm, rune, aura and chakra readers should be approached with caution. I’m not saying those who make their living on such activities are evil nor am I discrediting the practice entirely. I’m saying a consumer seeks these individuals when they are at their MOST VULNERABLE. I  doubt that every reader is 100% ethical so double down on your research before giving your money to get someone to guess at a name. Further, receiving the feedback of “you’ll soon meet the love of your life” can be accomplished more cheaply than sitting with a reader.

Fate Cookie Destiny and Fate
Anti-Fate Cookie

Reassess your situation before seeking those who might only be in it to take your money. You are much more equipped to handle life’s problems than you think. Sit in quiet contemplation and listen to the little part of the universe that is YOU. All the answers have been within you all along! It’s your own little part of the universe that YOU have complete CONTROL over.

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