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Career Accountability

Career Accountability is such a simple concept, but it is really difficult to execute. Sure, performing necessary tasks when you have actually gotten on site is usually easy, but getting there or even just getting started is sometimes so challenging.

The Short of Career Accountability

I am going to have the orientation of this post be towards accountability in your work life, bit it is important in all aspects of your life! Be accountable whenever you can and you WILL become trusted among your peers. Building trust among your family, friends and coworkers will make your life so much easier.

The Long of Accountability at Work

So, I want to go over being accountable in your time in and out of work. At work is simple because you feel obligated to be productive and keep customers or coworkers happy. THAT is usually enough for some people to be consistently accountable. If you don’t dig your work or coworkers, I can understand your hesitation to waste time concentrating on keeping them happy. Being accountable to deadbeat workers or employers seems like a huge waste of time and effort.

Accountability out of Work

When you start being on time and getting work done in one aspect of your life, that will start to seep into other aspects. I will give an example from my life. The career accountability. consistency and time management from my first job out of university helped me better myself. These attributes directly affected my freelance work. The clients I dealt with were terribly impatient, but they paled in comparison with the impatience and rudeness of the owner. He would literally count how many clicks it took on your mouse to complete a task. To say there was stress associated with that job would be an extreme understatement. This stress and want to not even USE my mouse made me memorize keyboard shortcuts. Further, the owner decided to use dozens of archaic software to complete tasks that a handful would accomplish. I quickly learned the shortcuts in all of the software used in the shop. These abilities used for my freelance helped MY clients get their designs & photos faster.

Task or Presence

Bigger than task accountability in my opinion is presence accountability. If you say you’ll be there, make it a priority and be there. Nothing like late people or no-shows to prove worth. Employers don’t focus attention or help those who lack accountability friends don’t have you on the party’s short list when you aren’t accountable.

You’ll gain respect and favor when you put a focus on your accountability.

Eric Benz is a graphic artist and production guru living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He frequents conventions in Canada to hold panels about art and production, networking with motivated artists focused on honing and promoting their craft. Find contact info below to become part of his artist mastermind group.

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