A B Moving

A B Moving: Tips on Moving

A B Moving: Tips on Moving

I’ve got some experience with A B Moving. It’s certainly not a purposeful lifestyle, but I am used to moving about once a year. I think a high number of my generation are used to moving often due to a number of factors. Regardless of ‘why’ when one must gather their things, clean up the messes and get to the new place, there are some ‘best practices’. I’m going to go over some strategies for the preparation, the event and afterwards.

Most of the tips I have are oriented towards the situation of knowing that you are moving. People evicted or otherwise thrown into the chaos of having to move on a whim may find some tips unnecessary.

Months out

Hopefully you’ve chosen the location that you’re moving to. If not and you’re going to be moving into an apartment do your research on the company. Google them, find out word of mouth and potentially visit one of the company’s residences if you can find someone walking into one of the places. Ask them how they like the place. Bed bugs? Maintenance never comes around? Shady security?

Most of that is important if you’ve gotten moved into a poorer section of town. Sometimes it can’t be helped but if your place has proper security precautions, then it’s going to put your mind at ease. Security is also a big factor when thinking about shipping and postal drop offs. Will you get that package or will it be jacked while sitting on your doorstep. Speaking of shipping and postal services: be sure to inform the post office of your move. This is mostly done online now and I’m only verse in the US and Canadian methods so there’s potential that some countries treat that process differently. Also your bank, school, any loan services, IRS/CRA, any immigration services and friends and family should be notified of the new address.

Make sure the old landlord is in the know of your move-out date as well, no sense burning bridges while you are A B Moving.

Week out

Getting closer to move out date, you’ll want to be getting the dreaded packing taken care of. If there’s one thing that my many moves have taught me it’s that if you put this off, you’ll be struggling. Mostly because you won’t take the time to do it right. Protecting the breakables, planning some transportation, taking down the complicated furniture, and gathering the tiny tedious collectibles are all time suckers when it comes to moving. Just be sure to pack the tools and cleaning supplies LAST!  I suggest packing per room and labeling as such. As you pack, take the opportunity to de-clutter your life and throw out old clothes and unneeded items. Salvation Army anyone!?

Days out

Crunch time! Get the last of the items together and packed. Start eating out or clearing the fridge and freezer of any food remaining. Convince your friends that you’ll pay them in beer and pizza to help move. Find the shortest path from the new place to the old place. Any fragile artwork or mirrors should be prepared as moving together (I suggest between the mattress and box spring). Clean up the walls of holes and consider cleaning the stove and fridge, inside and out. Make sure boxes are labeled, you’ll be happy you did!


Be generous with coffee in the morning to any helpers. Be patient, don’t over exert yourself. If you have to move in poor weather consider a tarp just inside the door and someone to take totes and boxes from the tarp to the farthest room from the door. When it gets to food time consider a pizza or some other cheap, but filling food and drinks to keep spirits up. Don’t do all of the heavy items all at once, parse that out while A B Moving. Large light objects should be parsed out too because they can be frustrating for navigation. I think it also goes without saying to avoid placing heavy objects on light/breakable ones.


With the hard part over, you can really take your time with the unpacking process. This is a terrible task if you hadn’t labeled your boxes, but essential rooms will make their way out first. Frankly this is the fun part. It’s your opportunity to make the house your home. Take the advantage once more of your opportunity to go through your items with a fine-toothed comb to get rid of unwanted clutter.

AB Moving 2017
AB Moving 2017

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  1. Moving gets me excited! But, when I can’t move I rearrange. Although, contacting each entity that requires an updated address is a daunting task. The USPS sends really great coupons when you contact them of a change of address.

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