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Why does Bitcoin matter?

Why does Bitcoin matter? Why does Bitcoin matter? This is a huge topic so we are going over tip-of-the-iceberg information only. Specific aspects will be need their own posts. I’m going to cover what Bitcoin is, its place in the cryptocurrency world, why blockchain is important and what does cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockshain mean for […]

Find Yourself 2017

Find Yourself

In today’s post I’m going to go over how to find yourself. I’m not talking about looking in a mirror or opening Google Maps to LOCATE yourself. We are talking about removing distractions and outside interference to let your mind wander, to find yourself. The human brain is a powerful thing. To take in appreciation […]

Ganbatte Con Logo 2017

Ganbatte Con 2017

My Ganbatte Con 2017 experience: lit. Another convention completed as well as another panel held! Both in the bag, cinched, shelved. Now what did I learn from Ganbatte Con 2017!? I’m surrounding myself with awesome artists! First, this year my wife and I had the pleasure of housing Arty McFly. She’s a traditional contour alternative […]